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Wahl No Slip Anti Ratchet Drive Sprockets 2.52"

Product Code: Wahl-Anti-2.52


Wahl No-Slip Anti Ratchet drive sprockets.Designed specifically to prevent ratchting and for less rotating mass,the Wahl No Slip Sprockets drive off of four track lugs and track windows at once with one pair.Allows you to eliminate those extra involutes with these drive wheels.If rail tips need to be shortened for clearance, an anti-stab wheel kit is recommended to prevent spearing.Sold individually so order 2 for a complete sled.


Hex Shaft Sizes:

1" = Most Polaris ( except Edge and Fusion )

        Most pre 1995 Yamaha


1 1/16" = Arctic Cat

               (exc.diamond drive and 1.25" models)

               Polaris Edge

               Yamaha Apex,RX-1,Nytro,Vector,Viper

               SRX,SXR,95-03 VMAX


1 1/8"   = Skidoo ZX and Rev 1990-07


1 1/4"  = Skidoo pre ZX

               Arctic King Cat 04

               800/900 Mountain Cat 03-04

Approximate Diameters 2.52" pitch: 

7T = 5.50" 
8T = 6.25" 
9T = 7.05" 
10T = 7.85"

Manufacturer: Wahl


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